Research Projects

Smart Traffic Fund

Development of Adaptive Traffic Control System – Dynamic Intersection Signal Control Optimisation (DISCO)

Project Coordinator: Prof Hong K. LO (CIVL), Amount: HK$7.982 million. (2022-2024)

HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme theme-based allocation

Personalised Real-Time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure – Hong Kong (PRAISE-HK)

Project Coordinator: Prof Alexis Kai-Hon, LAU (CIVL/ENVR), Amount: HK$46.158 million. (2016-2022)

Joint Research Laboratory

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - DiDi Joint Research Laboratory

Coordinator: Professor Hai Yang

Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR)

Strategies for Enhancing Walkability in Hong Kong via Smart Policies

Principal Investigator: Prof. Hong K. Lo (CIVL), Amount: HK$3.5 million. (2018-2021)

Theme-based Research Scheme (TBRS)

Smart Urban Water Supply Systems (Smart UWSS)

Project Coordinator: Prof Mohamed S GHIDAOUI (CIVL), Amount: HK$33.2 million.

Theme-based Research Scheme (TBRS)

Understanding Debris Flow Mechanisms and Mitigating Risks for a Sustainable Hong Kong

Project Coordinator: Prof Charles Wang-wai NG (CIVL), Amount: HK$33.2 million.

Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)

Coping with Landslide Risks in Hong Kong Under Extreme Storms: Storm scenarios, cascading landslide hazards and multi-hazard risk assessment

Project Coordinator: Prof Li Min ZHANG (CIVL), Amount: HK$6.2 million. (2016-2019)